Gold Coast Homes promotes the health, safety and welfare of our homeowners. We strive to protect and conserve the integrity of the Intracoastal Waterway canals that we share by carefully reinforcing and capping deteriorated seawalls before we start construction. We fill our rooms with lots of natural light making the most of tranquil waterfront views and reducing the need for daytime lighting. We provide low-e impact glass windows which reduce heat buildup and noise pollution.

We include clean burning propane fireplaces as well as efficient propane appliances and water heaters. A/C units that are 14+ seer also decrease energy use. We provide insulated garage doors to diminish interior heat and noise. Marble and wood floors reduce interior dust and pollens. Decreased formaldehyde usage is taken into consideration with wood cabinet doors, casing and base.

Gold Coast Homes strives for low water consumption with low flow shower heads and commodes. Native drought resistant trees and plants are watered only when needed using rain sensitive sprinkler systems.

When an existing house is demolished to construct one of our new luxury estates 90% of the material is recycled. The cement is ground for road rock, wood is used in mulch and all metals from wiring, plumbing, to aluminum and steel are sent to recycling centers.

We at Gold Coast Homes consider it our duty as builders and developers to nurture and protect the natural outdoors that we love so much here in South Florida.